Writing web site copy

Reading web pages on a monitor is very different from reading conventional printed materials, this greatly affects how your copy text should be written. Below are some useful tips that focus on the differences.

9 Pointers for web site Copy that Gets Read

1. Less Text
Studies have proved that people read up to 25% slower on a monitor than on paper. Small paragraphs containing short sentences make pages easier to read. When content is being modified for the web from brochures etc. it should be pared down to about 50% of the original size.

2. Make it Scannable
Break long pages up into smaller sections. Use headings that clearly state the topic being discussed in each section.

3. Uniformity
For uniformity, consider the services of a copywriter If several people contribute content.

4. Significant information first
Put the most significant information at the top of the page where it can be seen without scrolling. Place more detailed information farther down the page. People will scroll to read content if they think it to be appropriate.

5. Choose Objective Language and avoid Cliches
Credibility on the Web is important, choose a neutral approach rather than using boastful claims and marketing lingo. A visitors trust is rapidly lost if you use exaggerated claims.

6. Say What You Do
Within the first few seconds a web site should communicate what it has to offer, keep the front page informative and to the point. Simply say what the site or company does.

7. Use Lists
Numbered or bulleted lists slow down the eye and draw focus to significant points.

8. Keep it Current
Time sensitive information needs to be updated on a regular basis. Plan ahead and schedule time for future updates, out of date information will damage a site's credibility.

9. No Underlining
Underlining words for added prominence can be very confusing, underlined text is normally associated with hyperlinks.

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