Development Process

Here is an overview of McHenry web Designs development process. Although the developement process may differ slightly from site to site, it is a good starting point for any web design project.

1. Discuss web site goals
Identifying your web site goals early can help increase revenue and decrease costs. Some common goals for web sites include:

• Service and facilitate existing customer base
• Educate and enlighten customers
• Provide product support
• Expand customer base
• Minimise brochure printings
• Reduce mailing expenditure
• Encourage online product sales

2. Determining site structure and content
With goals established, determining which content should be given priority is easily identified. The content is then assembled into a sitemap.

3. Generating design drafts
After establishing site structure and assembling a sitemap, the web site starts to visually take shape. At this point design drafts will be produced.

4. Finalise visual design
Once the design style is agreed upon, the visual design and layout is finalised.

5. Developing and testing
The web site will be uploaded to a private url (e.g., where new developments can be thoroughly reviewed and tested.

6 Site Hosting
Prior to launch, a domain name will be purchased and site hosting will be set up.

7. Launching the site
On launch day, the site will be uploaded to its domain and become 'live'.

8. Search engine registration
Once the site becomes live, it will be registered with all the major search engines. Some search engines may add the new site to their databases immediately, others, such as Yahoo, will take some time and require an upfront fee for guaranteed review. If you're interested in getting top rankings in search engines for your new website please request a free consultation.

9. Ongoing maintenance
Depending on content, some web sites will require more maintenance than others. Time sensitive documents should be changed often and external links should be checked regularly. Maintenance can be arranged on a regular schedule, or on an as-required basis.

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