Web Site Maintenance

McHenry Web Design can carry out the maintenance, as we do for several clients. You could, if you wish, do part or all of the maintenance in-house.

If you choose to maintain your site in-house, there are two options:

Pages can be edited in an html editor, we use Dreamweaver, or by someone who has experience of html programming.

The site can be maintained and updated through a password-protected area that allows administrative tasks to undertaken without the need of programming experience.

Most site owners/ webmaster choose to have regular maintenance done to keep their site "fresh and new". Keeping your site up to date, especially the front page content, can help obtain a higher search engine ranking.

Your web site won't "break down" if it doesn't receive regular maintenance, all the pages will continue to function. However, if you have an external link to a newspaper article online, that article may be moved to a different location or taken off the server without your knowledge. This would cause a broken link. One solution to seek permission to reproduce the article on your site.

Pick up the phone and call 815-337-4140. Or, send us an Email, with your name and phone number, and we'll call you back on our quarter. If you'd like to provide more detalied information on your needs, use our main Contact Us Page.



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